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Transform any image, scanned document, or printed PDF to editable documents in seconds using our FREE* online Optical Character Recognition (OCR) feature. Use our FREE* online OCR feature to recognize text from images.

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How to use free online OCR

1 Online or offline

Create text from image files using Soda PDF's free online OCR software. You can use Optical Character Recognition from any application, anytime, anywhere! Work online through Soda PDF Online, or offline by downloading Soda PDF Desktop to your computer. Try our easy-to-use PDF tools like OCR and our other PDF modification services, online or offline!

2 Run OCR

Do more with your PDF documents! Upload files and use OCR to convert scanned images containing text in your PDF document to plain text that you can copy, paste, and edit just like a Microsoft Word processor.

3 Send by email

Once your PDF file has been created, access the online OCR file by downloading the PDF to your computer and viewing the OCR content within your document directly through your web browser. Once our software has output your new, editable PDF, you can then send your OCR document by sending & sharing the document with others through email.

What is the function of OCR?

The function of OCR is to help digitize documents in a timely manner and fashion. Instead of retyping files or manually typing out text within image files, you can use OCR to automatically scan and recognize text within your image or your scanned document.

An example: scan your printed document, open Soda PDF via desktop or online, and use our OCR feature to scan your image for text to turn that image into a modifiable file! OCR is used to help you save time and quickly digitize your files for a more streamlined workflow or document management. You can finally declutter that desk and go digital and paperless using the power of OCR thanks to your friends at Soda PDF!

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