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1. Upload Your PDF File

Select the PDF file you wish to compress or drag and drop a PDF file from your computer or choose to upload a PDF online from a cloud storage service like Google Drive, OneDrive or Dropbox.

2. Select Compress PDF File Quality

Upload the PDF file to our fast servers and choose the compress PDF quality to reduce the size of your file or compress your PDF for email, image and web purposes. Our PDF compressor server will automatically start to reduce and drop the PDF file size with little wait time by keeping a relevant compression quality adapted for the internet.

3. View and Download Your Compressed PDF

When the PDF file is ready, access your compressed PDF file by downloading the new file size to your computer and viewing the PDF compression in your browser. Save your PDF to the cloud and even use our other PDF tools within the browser, such as convert from PDF, so long as you create an account or agree to log in with a social account.


How can I reduce the size of a PDF?

Reducing the size of a PDF file is referred to as data compression. In terms of data transmission, it's source coding: encoding performed at the source of the data before being stored or sent. Security connection between machine learning and compression is close: both systems predict the probabilities of a sequence in preceding position and consider the entire history to produce optimal data resizing. For prediction, use more advanced compressors PDF tools.


No information lost when reducing bits

PDF file compression involves encoding information using fewer bits than the original. Compression reduces bits by identifying and eliminating redundancy. No information or file quality is lost in compression.

Compression options

For more advanced PDF compress options to reduce your file size, or other tools for your document such as PDF convert, then you can download our desktop solution or use our online application to reduce your PDF file to a smaller size and maintain its quality. Use our PDF convert tools (convert to PDF or convert from PDF) to also maintain your file's quality throughout.

Convert tools

Our online compression tool and other online tools such as convert options like a PDF convert tool (convert to PDF or convert from PDF), allow users to edit and merge PDFs. Our tools, such as convert to PDF, are secure and maintain the quality of original document. PDF convert, whether convert from PDF or convert to PDF, is yet another quality tool.

*Size and daily usage limitations may apply